Record only cooking videos, Channel Cooking With Sros can earn between $7,000 to $10K per month from YouTube

 So far, there is no doubt that YouTube is now a business or a business that can make a living, build a prosperous life, while now many of us Cambodians are starting a career to make money from an online business.


In addition, there is a Cambodian cooking channel that is becoming remarkably prominent with foreigners as well as millions of Cambodians watching it, the Cooking With Sros channel.

Surprisingly, this channel only makes one kind of video, it is a cooking video, with an English-speaking woman showing how to make new and unique Khmer and European dishes. Click Subscribe up to 7,886,000 Subscribers.


However, some of you may not know who is behind this channel, as this channel is the result of the efforts of a veteran YouTube user, Mr. Thlang Chakravuth and his wife. A woman cooking in a video on that channel ago.

In an interview with Business Cambodia, Mr. Chakravuth said that he started this channel in 2017, leaving the paid job to engage in online money making.

He said that in the first half of the year, he did not receive any income to pay for what he spent, but he still did not give up because he saw and believed that this sector would help him generate more income than working for others.

Trying not to give up half a year after launching the channel began to generate revenue and more and more people clicked Subscribe, and to this day, he stated that he can earn between $ 7,000 per month from YouTube. Ten thousand dollars is also available.


Cooking With Sros is an example that anyone who wants to make money from YouTube should look at, he focuses on one type of content but clear and strengthen a channel that he does not catch much until the management does not win.

Source: Business Cambodia

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