Earn $2,0000/month know that these 3 types of videos have a lot of viewers and can save a lot of money

YouTube has been one of the most popular educational and entertainment sites in recent years. In general, every video posted on YouTube can not only provide various benefits and knowledge to the viewers, it also provides many benefits to the video creator. That is, each video creator can become an individual. Famous and can earn tens of thousands of dollars through this social network. Therefore, if we have a skill that can show or want to share, we can also create a Channel for making good video sharing to viewers. Which provides entertainment for viewers as well as benefits for our growth.


Also, if we want to make money off of this sophisticated system, you should also learn to find out according to the type of video, what kind of video makes it more clickable and can also be useful for Here are some of the most popular videos you should try:

1. Eating video:  When it comes to this type of video, it is very popular, especially among young people, making this kind of video may seem unlikely because it shows wasteful eating habits, but for foreigners, they like to watch. Of course, there are a lot of viewers too, so if we know a lot of delicious places, it would be easy to shoot and even earn money from this shoot. Make a simple meal video but earn more than $ 20,000 a month.


2. Travel Video: As for travel videos, it is not difficult at all, when you go on a trip, you can take those pictures and make a video with some description of the scene is already. This can also be considered as the most watched video among all the videos. If traveling around the world.


3. Primitive Video:  Not unlike the above two points, for primitive video is a kind of prehistoric video, people living in the forest do not use any modern technology, including wearing other equipment and so on. Related to this type of video is now very popular both in Cambodia and abroad, and there are more viewers. In fact, Cambodia, we have many people have made this type of video before. And even make more money. Because many people are curious about this type of video, so if you all want to make a video on YouTube can consider this type of video.


It should also be noted that together with a couple, Mr. Thlang Chakravuth, the owner of the YouTube channel Cooking With Sros, quit his job and came to make online video so far, they can earn about $ 10,000 per month.

Article: Cnews 

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