Outstanding Entrepreneur! Using this two-way money, this young couple can retire at the age of 20

 Every American is very concerned about retirement, which is why they work hard and start a business in order to retire early at a young age.


The couple retired at the age of 20 for $600,000 and are co-founders of Sweet Logic and CEO Allison Escovedo Owen.

In 2015, the 20-year-old couple set a goal of saving $ 600,000 and buying a 2008 sports car, then quitting their jobs and then traveling the world. And in order to achieve their goals, they began to learn about financially independent associations, which gave him a glimpse of the path to retirement.

Meanwhile, this young couple uses only these two ways to enable them to retire at a young age at the age of 27, including the following:

1. Save 70% of income : They start saving 70% of total monthly income and they do it for 3 years then they start to feel happy when they see the money they They have saved about US $150,000 and are more motivated to save to achieve their desired goals.


However, they have reduced all the expenses that do not remember to include, such as: before living in a rented house, moved to rent a room, do not go out to eat out too often, drive a car Save as little as $ 5,000 per unit and save on other items in order to save money to increase your savings as much as possible.


2. Invest: Only investing can help them achieve their goals or dreams. They started their first business, starting a health food company (Sweet Logic).

At the beginning of 2019, their business started to be successful and they decided that in order to become rich or millionaire, retire at a young age and be financially free, they must increase their investment. Possible through investment in real estate, education, health, banking, stock exchanges, agriculture and digital technology.

Such an investment is a way to make money, which increases the flow of cash and can lead to financial freedom and retirement at the age of 27.

Article: Cnews

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