Jaysse Lopez Stertup $40 Businesses to Build Billions of Dollars

Jaysse Lopez is the founder of Urban Necessities, a large sneaker, and clothing retailer in the United States, and now his company is worth billions of dollars. Like now, Lopez went through a lot of hardships, was once homeless, and had to sell his own clothes to make a living.

Jaysse Lopez Stertup $40 Businesses to Build Billions of Dollars

According to Business Insider, Lopez was originally from New Jersey, but arrived in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2000 and later lived a homeless life. Shelter to live in a park in Maryland for up to six months. But even though he did not know anyone who was homeless there, he struggled to find a job and struggled to make ends meet. Strong legs as now.

Urban Necessities founder Jaysse Lopez told the Post that before he started 

the company, he worked in a bakery and lived with a friend because he was homeless at the time. He decided to use the $ 40 he owed as capital to buy and sell items online after he walked into the market and saw people queuing up to buy shoes that had just come out. Observe that people seem to have a lot of demand for shoes, and he also thinks that if we create a website sales, it may be good, because to facilitate customers do not have to stand in line to buy such a difficult.

The sad founder went on to say that during 2013, Lopez launched his online store called Two Js Kicks, buying 18 shoes. Sales continued to grow until he was able to open his own small shop, and last year he earned nearly $ 21 million from in-store sales and through his website. 

Lopez added that he made pre-orders for the sneaker release, which interested him and contacted various store managers to buy the shoes and sell them for about $ 60 on average retail prices. At the trade show in the summer of 2014, Lopez sold about 400 pairs of shoes, and since then sales have been booming due to the growing number of partners. He had to open a shop.

In September 2014, as the business began to take shape, Lopez said that year after year, demand increased, increasing sales from $ 4 million in 2015 to nearly $ 21 million a year. 2019. Lopez said he hopes to earn an additional $ 500 million in addition to sneakers by adding sales of other goods, including clothing and accessories, through two virtual locations and online stores.

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