These 5 individuals can make millions of dollars while they are young because they acquire skills

In general, most teenagers, like to pursue their hobbies, and in particular, they focus on learning and having a lot of fun and are not interested in earning a living. But there are some teenagers who are very successful in business and make a lot of money.

5 Young people can earn millions of dollars

Today presents five teenagers who are very successful and can earn up to millions of dollars:

1. Ashley Qualls

5 Young people can earn millions of dollars

At the age of 14, Ashley Qualls started a website called in 2004. Designed to provide free Myspace templates and HTML tutorials for people in her age group. The site was so popular that Ashley Qualls received several offers, including $ 1.5 million and her dream car from an American buyer.

2. John Koon

Do you believe that John Koon started a car parts business in New York City when he was just 16 years old? John Koon made millions of dollars when Extreme Performance Motorsports became a major supplier of MTV reality show "Pimp My Ride". He used his social network to start a clothing company with rapper YoungJeezy, which helped him earn $ 40 million.

3. Cameron Johnson

In 1994, when he was nine years old, Cameron Johnson opened his first home-based business, a greeting card company called Cheers and Tears. By the time he was in high school, Cameron Johnson had switched to advertising and web development, earning him about $ 400,000 a month.

4. Adam Hildreth

Adam Hildreth started his first company, Dubit Limited, in 1999 when he was 14 years old. UK-based social media has become one of the largest youth websites in the UK and has now launched its marketing as a Youth Marketing Agency. Adam Hildreth is now the brains behind Crisp Thinking, a company specializing in online child protection technology for Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

5. Evan of YouTube

With the help of his parents, Evan was just 18 years old when he started a YouTube channel called EvanTube, which was just a toy review and discussion or storytelling for older kids. Similar to Evan. The channel generates about $ 1.3 million annually.

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