Fails 51 times, but Metakovan becomes $1 billion Bitcoin millionaire

The phrase says,  

"It does not matter whether you've fallen many times, but what is important how much you have the courage to recover in time to meet each failure? 

"Success is something you can get after you dare to overcome your last failure only once."

For example, the life of an Indian man named Metakovan has failed 51 times out of a total of 54 attempts to create a website for his business that allows clients to hire outside professionals. Hours on various sections for only $10. But unfortunately, his project failed. 

Looking back on the past, Metakovan was just a poor young man living in southern India who did not even have a personal computer to use and could only afford a flash drive for storing data. 

Then, every night, he would borrow a computer from a friend to learn how to code and learn how to create a website. He soon mastered it and knew what Bitcoin was, which made him very interested in it and believed that it would grow in the future. He then set up a website that was a great place to study and trade on Bitcoin and other electronic money. 

After saving $ 5,000, he decided to invest all of his money in creating his e-money related website. Years later, the success of his business changed the course of his career, from a former hacker to a millionaire who owned Bitcoin for $1 billion. 

But even though he owns Bitcoin, an intangible asset worth more than $1 billion, in his life he lives a very simple life: he has no car, no home, and no stock, and what he has That is Bitcoin, worth a total of $ 1 billion. However, the intangible assets you have now can also be lost at any time, as the value of Bitcoin can fluctuate in the blink of an eye. 

Bitcoin is a digital currency that most people use to pay for purchases that are fast, low cost and do not go through the banking system. Although convenient, many banks have refused to accept digital money, but some banks and companies have begun to accept digital payments.

Finally, this article is just to share an interesting story of Metakovan, and we do not intend to inspire readers to decide to invest in Bitcoin or other e-money without studying the details. Clearly unprofessional and unaware of the risks, because your money can be at risk of loss at any time if you dare to invest blindly. Do a thorough study, study the opportunities or risks before deciding whether or not to affect any e-money.

Article: KH

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