Where is Telegram earns money without commercials and free users?

Telegram is a popular social network for modern people, created by a young Russian named Pavel Durov. There are many factors that make people decide to choose this social network as a tool for communication, especially in the workplace, because this program can allow users to send files, whether images, videos, audio in large sizes, and Still keep the image quality clear and can be sent for free. 

On the other hand, this program is fast, not very complicated, and has the highest security system. As of 2021, this program has more than 500 million other users, which is a huge number. But what many people are always wondering is, where can telegrams be monetized if this social network never sees ads or takes money from users?

But every question is answered, according to feedough.com, the social network giant does not earn any advertising or user fees, as the social network was originally created. No, the goal is a generous gift for the masses only. However, the social network giant is making money from donations from the masses and other large institutions that use Telegram, and the telegram social network will also be raising money from some of the largest institutions in the world. In case of any need. On the other hand, most of the resources that Telegram uses to feed its business come from the capital of various investors only.

According to the founders of the telegram, the purpose of the telegram was to serve the world in a more charitable way. However, living on donations may not enable Telegram to grow in the long run, so Telegram is considering a project in 2021 by the social media giant. It has also changed some of its business models in terms of wanting to monetize advertising, just like any other social network, by advertising in groups and on large channels with many members. 

In fact, some channels have up to millions of subscribers, and if only 10 major channels are considered, there are up to 120 million subscribers, which was a huge source of revenue for Telegram when the project started. Advertising starts running. Meanwhile, Telegram executives also stated that if Telegram decides to advertise in the Big Group and Chanel, the management of the Big Group and Chanel will also receive the same benefits. It should also be noted that this advertising project is only under consideration, but it is also good news for the owners of the Group and Chanel, which has a large number of members, that is, he can earn money if Chea Telegram actually issued an advertising policy.

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