3 important money management rules if you want to increase your income without risk

There are many types of income generation, but there are three basic ones that everyone can do, rich or poor. Increasing your income is no longer difficult if you know the rules, and this rule applies to both young people, students and those who are working for them.

Below, Business Cambodia will highlight three key factors that will help you increase your income when you have more of the same: 

1. Health Care: Why is it said that good health care is an increase in wealth? Of course, health is very important for life, without it you can not succeed in life. If you are not healthy, you can not do a good job and have to spend a lot of money on it unconditionally and without any protests. Before you want to create wealth, you need to prevent spending money, and the most important expense is health, and we can not get sick and refuse treatment, so to prevent spending, take good care of your health. By eating a regular diet, sugar and fat levels to suit your body and exercise. 

2. Knowledge and skills: If we work for only a salary, we lose a lot of time, time and skills development and loss of both high salaries and opportunities for promotion. Therefore, in order to increase income, we need to work to develop clear knowledge and skills, learn to invest in knowledge when there is clear knowledge and skills, and that is, we will become a valuable person, much needed and money will come. When they need us. 

Imagine if we could get a higher salary if we kept doing the same work and refused to develop our knowledge and skills, the answer was no. So whether we are students or workers, we need to have the knowledge and skills to become valuable people. 

3. Maintain good relationships : Relationships are the most valuable assets that sometimes we are not interested in and do not know. Good relationships are a bridge that gives us opportunities, encourages, supports, encourages us to see opportunities, so maintain good relationships with others, then we will have a reputation of value. Then money and opportunity will run to us by ourselves.

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