At the house to learn these 4 skills, even if you do not have money as capital, you can earn thousands of dollars

At the time of the outbreak of the Covid 19 virus in many communities, people were advised to stay indoors rather than outdoors to reduce and eliminate new infections, making it difficult for relevant ministries to respond. Work.


Therefore, if it is not important, stay at home and while at home, too, should not spend time breathing, if you are interested and prone to technology, all can try to learn the following 4 skills This means that even if you work for someone, your salary will be cheaper, and if you start your own independent business, as long as there is no shortage of customers, your monthly income can reach tens of thousands of dollars:

1. Make Money Online

There are many skills to make money online, but in this article I focus on making money from the online sector, such as YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, etc., where many Cambodians are earning a lot of money from these platforms, and some even jump. Tens of thousands of dollars per month are also available.


There are two ways to make money today, one is to run the money and the other is to build your own brand. Self-brand builders mean that they make pop-ups or videos with the same Facebook channel or pack, but build that single pack or channel out loud.

After building a reputation for value, he can earn money from the platform directly or open a sponsorship from a well-known brand.

If you are on the road to building your own brand, you do not have to spend a lot of resources, because each platform has all the lessons, both Facebook and YouTube, there are tutorials on how to make money for free.

2. Graphic Design Skills

As businesses turn to online more and more, it is not surprising that they have a growing demand for graphic design, and those who want to capture this section should not feel that the market is narrow, because one person can not get a project 10 companies at a time. Yes.

The most important thing in this field is to build a reputation for your work to be known, the results of the best quality workmanship, then you can demand a high price.


Another feature of this skill is that the price depends on the workmanship and the workmanship, that is, there is no limit to whether this service is priced or not, depending on the quality and size of the work.

Heard that easy money does not mean easy to do, just study does not have to go to school, because the resources on the Internet are all available, both free online classes and paid online classes, everyone can research to learn. Yes.

3. Digital Marketing Skills

Not much different from the above skills, Digital Marketing is becoming more and more important because most of the business people want to get on the digital platform, but they are too busy to have time to find out more, so he needs more help.

In terms of digital marketing, it is very wide, ranging from the rise of Google Search to the creation of websites and other social media platforms, but for our district, the most popular thing today is inevitably far from Facebook. No.


For this reason, those who have the skills to manage Facebook Pak, know how to solve Pak Pak, know how to bushes to target customers will always have a constant need. For more lessons related to the management of this pack, there is no cost at all, as Facebook has prepared a complete version on its Facebook Blueprint platform,

4. IT skills

A large part of IT work can be done from anywhere, such as programmer or Tech Support.

When it comes to developing coding, web designing, or developing smartphone applications, freelance work is not worth the effort.

For those who have a professional team, these can really earn a lot of money, especially when there are big projects related to the App.


And learning these skills does not require you to have a degree, as long as you have the ability to achieve the results that customers want, even if you apply for a job at a large technology company, they rarely ask for a degree. The most important thing is the ability.

Related to this skill, only those who like to research and find out more can walk this path, because technology is constantly evolving from day to day.

For research, not far from Google and YouTube, and if you know how to find a place to study, there are some courses on the Internet to learn for free.

Emphasize that the above four skills are all high-income skills and are said by experts to be underestimated in the future, so if you want a job or business that does not go out much while Covid-19 Not yet extinct from the earth, all readers can consider capturing.

Source: Business Cambodia 

Article: Cnews 


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