Used to send money to banks, earns interest, but these 3 countries take the money to charge from the sender

When it comes to bank deposits, most people expect an interest rate return. But if they deposit money in the banks of these three strong economies, it will not only be interest-free but also repay to the banks. According to data from the Investopedia website.According to the source, the three countries that require customers to pay regularly when depositing there are:

1. Switzerland Interest rate: 0.75%

2. Denmark Interest rate -0.60%

3. Japan Interest rate -0.1%

Please be informed that the fact that the depositor has to pay back to the bank is called the Negative Interest Rate . It is usually decided to put the money in the bank with those negative interest rates because it is a very safe place.

According to data from SWI, even if Swiss banks set such negative interest rates, they can still attract many people to send money there because Switzerland guarantees the highest level of security for customers. Obviously, no matter how much the world faces a recession, Switzerland can still maintain the value of the franc currency and maintain its economic situation in its own country.

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