The $ 77 billion shipping company comes from just $100 and two old bicycles.

Nowadays, many goods and daily necessities in the homes of a large number of Cambodians are shipped from abroad by a giant shipping company called  UPS (United Parcel Service). And in terms of the greatness of this company's business, it is only growing fast, without slowing down. By  UPS to travel a long and strong foothold in the market in terms Until now,  UPS has been in existence for up to more than 112 years. And according to data from Investopedia magazine published in 2020, UPS is worth $ 77.68 billion.


After all, looking back at the initial launch of the UPS in 1907, it is almost unbelievable. UPS was founded by two young Americans,  Jim Casey and  Claude Ryan. They both started the UPS with $ 100 borrowed from Claude Ryan 's uncle  and two old bicycles.

Initially, the two companies were not called UPS, but American Messenger Company (AMC) because they both started by capturing courier services because there were no telephones at the time. The message is as comfortable as it is now. 

And after deciding to take over the courier service, the two of them went to negotiate with the post office to apply for a ticket, in addition, they also received a courier service. At that time, they hired six other children to run all the tickets, using bicycles or pedestrians to deliver the tickets to each destination, and Casey and Ryan were in charge of the office. Letter from customer.


Four or five years later, AMC was able to purchase its first Ford Model T model and passenger car to enhance its anti-rival service. In addition, the founders of AMD also sinned by creating a delivery service for retailers. It was not until 1919 that, seeing that the mailing process became more and more competitive, and seeing the opportunity to provide freight services to retailers in high demand, the two began to relax their services. Run the mail and turn your attention back to shipping. In the same year 1919, the two changed their company name to UPS (United Parcel Service).

After decades of business, UPS has gradually evolved from a courier to a freight forwarder and has also purchased aircraft for cross-border freight services. And the winning strategy is that UPS has partnered with Amazon to ship goods by air around the world. After collaborating with Amazon and shipping many times across the country, UPS has become more aware and experienced. Shipping across continents, and since then, UPS has begun to strengthen its services, and to date, UPS has approximately half a million employees and operates in 200 countries around the world. Including Cambodia, UPS carries about 5 billion packages a year. And according to data published by Macrotrends, in 2018, UPS can earn a total of more than 4.7 billion US dollars.


It should also be noted that for those who want to become an entrepreneur or want to be a great number can learn how to start from small as the co-founder of UPS.

By: Cnews

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