25 year old man earns $140,000 a month and Know 3 skills to make money from the Internet

25 year old man earns $140,000 a month:  Ryan Fresen is known as a casual paternity seller, but what he did not expect was that he could sell leather for more than $140,000 a month.

Does anyone ever wonder what kind of selling method you use to make such a lot of money?

Now I'm going to take you all to dig into Ryan Fresen's first dig, which made him up to $ 140,000 a month. According to Business Insider, Ryan Fresen has been running his own business since graduating from college in late 2018, when he started selling for less money. Only a small amount, but now selling his sneakers can earn more than 140,000 dollars a month, he just sells in a normal bedroom.


According to the source, after Ryan Fresen graduated from college, he did not look for a job because he did not like the work environment and he already has a resin business as a business, so he sought to create a career. Myself.

Ryan Fresen also revealed that today, thousands of customers support his shoes, and every day he can sell just by posting on Facebook, Instagram, and every day, customers order countless. He also added that starting his own business is very difficult because he is young, so the organization of sales and shoes in stock, he has to record every day and income and expenses.

The reason why Ryan Fresen just posted on Facebook and Instagram, but was able to sell well, was because all the photos of the shoes were clear and of a good standard, so to speak, all of the photos of the shoes. Customers see customers want to buy immediately.

Ryan Fresen also stated that when starting a business, what we should pay the most attention to is the first customer, and he also mentioned the sale of his shoes that when he started selling shoes, he was selling only his shoes. Good to customers, they tell each other until he has a lot of support, and he can earn up to more than 140,000 dollars a month.


Know 3 skills to make money from the Internet: In the 21st century, people are using technology to communicate or to promote their business. Not only that, the Internet is also a place where we can make money from it. In it there are some programs that we can make money from it. 

1. YouTube Channel 

As we all know, YouTube is a place where we can make money from it by posting videos such as entertainment, sports, cooking and educational clips and more by just signing up. To become a member of YouTube and meet the required conditions. And the condition for making money on YouTube is that you need at least 4,000 hours of visitor time and 1,000 subscribers to get started in making money off of YouTube.


2. Website or Blog 

You can make money by creating a website or blog to pop your product into it. And you need to make your website attractive so that customers will be interested in your website or blog so that you can earn more money from it. On the other hand, you can also make money through advertisements that we promote to any company or business. 


3. Facebook In Stream ads 

In general, you probably already know that Facebook is a huge social network where we can communicate or promote our products on it. In that, Facebook has also created a function called Facebook In Stream Ads, and this function is that we can earn money by posting high quality videos, along with advertising banner images. While you are watching your video, it will pop up a whole bunch of ads on your video and you will get a share of the revenue to you by showing it to the viewers.


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