Want to succeed on YouTube, earn money instead of salary, should know what tips?

In today's world, many people are interested in making money online. It is observed that many people have started to turn to make money on YouTube because they can build a lot of money from it and can earn more than their monthly salary.

Not a few people have succeeded in making money on YouTube and some are trying to do it. Although we can make money on YouTube, we need to spend time, patience, and physical effort to get better results. Well-known YouTubers such as Heng Visal and many other primitive videographers have struggled to make money on YouTube.


Of course, we can make money on YouTube, depending on the skills or techniques of each person. But if we do not aim at the goal can not succeed in this field. So today we will highlight the 4 good tips and successes of famous YouTuber, both at home and abroad to help those who want to walk in this field as well.

1. Must have high patience

In general, doing something requires a lot of patience, such as making this YouTube, because it is very complicated to do it, such as to find something new or to find ideas to create a video. To be good and so on. All this requires us to have a lot of patience to achieve what we want to do.


2. Optimize for new ideas

YouTube makers have to come up with new ideas to show their viewers so that they do not get bored or stop watching our videos. There are many popular YouTube channels in the world like 5 minute Crafts, Liziqi, Mrbeast. , Etc. They are always looking for something new to show to their viewers or fans.


3. Post your YouTube Channel on social media

To make your YouTube channel more popular, you can not only show it in the YouTube app, because viewers are not just watching on YouTube. So you can share videos from your Channel to social media like Facebook, Instagram, or your Website to get more people to know your YouTube Channel. This tip also has a lot of YouTube makers in Cambodia, such as Heng Visual Dimong Vlog, Seak Vlogger, and so on.


4. Make unique and unpopular videos

Nowadays on YouTube, there are many types of videos such as cooking tutorials, Vlog making, comedy stories, tutorials, and many more sports .... Therefore, you can do more than that. There are many successful channels where they make primitive videos or travel videos around the world.

The above tips, if you follow the right path, can help you succeed in making money on YouTube.

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